Educational Resources

We offer a wide range of resources for educators — many free and some available in our online store. Free items include lesson templates, whiteboard inserts, vocab lists, checklists for reading and writing, posters, white papers, and more. Items in our store include Learning Objective Guides for Math and English in every grade, our educational bestselling books on EDI, whiteboard kits, and dry-erase pens. Finally, we have 1400+ Ready-to-Teach lessons for teachers to use to help deliver their lessons.

Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) Posters

This set of four posters gives a snapshot of the key strategies for using the Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) methodology. You’ll see the seven research-based components of an effective lesson. You’ll get an acronym reminder of the TAPPLE process for checking for understanding, which is the backbone of EDI. You’ll get instant recall of the 8 strategies for delivering an interactive lesson using the Engagement Norms. Finally, you can display the seven strategies for effective feedback to be used when students have trouble answering a question. More details on the EDI process are available here.


EDI Lesson Delivery


Lesson Design


Student Engagement

Effective Feedback

Effective Feedback

Differentiation Strategies Posters

This set of four posters offers 14 ways to differentiate in an EDI Lesson. In lesson design, teachers can Reduce the difficulty (with simpler content), Bypass the difficulty (with tools), and Reinforce the sub-skill during the lesson. In Lesson Delivery, teachers can use Multiple Strategies to reach students in different ways. They can also adjust the length of time of the lesson or the feedback after CFUs.To accelerate, they can embed Advanced Activities, Expand CFU questions, or provide Enrichment activities afterwards. Finally, they can intervene in the case of grade-level content, changing the content, time, or groups. For remediation with below-grade-level content, they can develop mini-clinics or send students to tutoring.

Lesson Design

Lesson Delivery



English Learner Strategy Posters

This set of four posters provides specific techniques for teaching English Learners. The first poster is a checklist of seven research-based teaching techniques that are recommended for teaching English Learners. Both content and language need focus as well as accommodations during the lesson. The next two posters feature eight strategies each for teaching Language Objectives — Listening & Speaking along with Reading & Writing. The final poster displays nine strategies for Vocabulary Development for English Learners. If you need an English Learner Program, we would love to provide you with our own ELD Program for K-12. 

Teaching Checklist

Listening & Speaking

Reading & Writing

Vocabulary Development

White Papers

White Papers are concise guides to complex educational issues along with our approach to managing the issue or solving the problem.

Cover of Whitepaper titled Teaching How to Read

Teaching How to Read

Is Not a Mystery if Teachers Use the Right Approach

Cover of Whitepaper titled Professional Development

Professional Development

Why It’s so Ineffective
& How to Fix It

Integrated or Designated ELD

6 Things to Know
About ELD Instruction

Navigating the EL Roadmap

6 Things to Know
About ELD Instruction

Special Education

Student Inclusion Strategies to Promote Success

EDI Lesson Template

Design your own EDI Lessons using our PowerPoint template

Teacher Version

Vocabulary Lists

This list was created by merging Marzano, Frey and Dolch, and other high-frequency word lists

Vocabulary List

EDI Writing Checklists

Rubrics written expressly for Common Core standards.

Reading Checklists

Student score their partners reading fluency using these checklists.