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Our consultants have many years of experience as superintendents, principals, and teachers.
We prove that our methods work by applying them in real-time, in real classrooms, with real lessons, and showing you REAL PROGRESS.

Professional DevelopmentEstablish a Culture of Instructional Excellence

Our professional development(PD) experts deliver top-notch workshops for teachers at K-12 schools. Our trainings are research-based and backed by 17 years of experience in schools world wide.

Our philosophies are rooted in Explicit Direct Instruction and we use EDI to support the ongoing learning of teachers and administrators, with the ultimate goal of establishing a culture of instructional excellence.

Great instruction and curriculum is central to DataWORKS professional development services. More than 5,000 school districts, schools, and other entities have partnered with us and trusted us to help them create the best academic environment possible. We believe that good professional development should assist leaders in maintaining high-quality teaching at their site.

Our Objective: To optimize instructional practices school-wide so students effectively learn more.

Rationale: One-time professional development is not effective. Research shows that training must occur repeatedly over time, supported with coaching and feedback. (Joyce and Showers 1987)

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DataWORKS Proven Professional Development Plan

Foundational Workshops


Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) Workshop

This core workshop provides professional development in the Explicit Direct Instruction model of lesson design and delivery. The training demonstrates how to develop well-crafted, well-taught lessons. It focuses on strategies to create student engagement during all lessons along with adjusting lessons based on Checking for Understanding questions used during the lessons.
Explicit Direct instruction is a literacy-based instructional model which uses text-based lessons. Students read, listen, and speak using academic vocabulary in all lessons in all content areas.

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Classroom Lesson Demonstrations and Coaching

Research shows that staff development must be followed by demonstration, practice, and feedback (Joyce and Showers, 1987). Following EDI training, DataWORKS consultants teach EDI Lessons to students while teachers watch. Then, teachers teach the same lesson to different students.
A team-teaching approach is used where the lesson is divided among three teachers. Each teacher teaches for about 15 minutes. A DataWORKS consultant provides in-situational coaching via cueing while teachers teach. Typically, cueing reminds teachers to use pair-shares, have students read with the teacher, and call on non-volunteers to answer questions. This active follow-up is the key to successful implementation.

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Common Core Standard Workshop

In this professional development, DataWORKS provides instruction regarding the California Common Core Standards, with a focus on the specific learning objectives contained in the standards.
The training includes guides that display math, ELA standards, ELD, and Next Generation Science Standards in explicit, teachable Learning Objectives. The guides include grade-level vocabulary words derived from the standards and poster examples for key standards.

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Demystifying Common Core Assessments and
De-myth-ifying Common Core Workshop

In this professional development, teachers are trained in the California Common Core Standards and in their assessments using Smarter Balanced released questions. Training addresses types of questions (such as multiple response), shift to concept-based math questions, the emphasis on informational text, and new methods of assessing writing from sources.
Note: This training is most effective when teachers are split into grade-level teams so that trainers can be very specific with the grade-level appropriate standards and examples.

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StepUP Academy

DataWORKS created its StepUP Academy summer school program to accelerate English Learners by pre-teaching next year’s standards during the summer. This turn-key program has been used in California and across the United States. Recently, we ran an Algebra Academy during winter recess for middle school and high school students in Central California. With StepUP academies, DataWORKS provides all the teacher manuals and student workbooks. We provide whiteboards and markers for students and include a full-day of training for teachers. In addition, throughout the academy we provide daily coaching. The StepUP Academy not only accelerates students, it accelerates teachers who teach EDI for four hours per day for several weeks with coaching.

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Instructional Leadership, Classroom Observations

A complete instructional reform model designed to develop instructional excellence at school sites by maintaining a relentless focus on what occurs inside the classroom each day.

To accomplish this reform, DataWORKS provides leaders with a set of research-based tools and a common language of instruction.

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Next Level Workshops

Provide training to reinforce and expand instructional practices.

Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) Workshop – New Teachers

Provide initial training for new teachers, or for teachers that need a refresher.

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EDI Demonstration Lessons and Classroom Coaching – New Teachers

Provide Demonstration Lessons for new teachers.

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How to Teach California Common Core to English Learners
“English Learner Strategies Workshop”

This professional development shows teachers exactly how to modify lessons and classroom instruction to maximize learning of English Learners. It builds upon well-crafted lessons while embedding language acquisition and academic vocabulary development. The training addresses modification to Checking for Understanding, content and language corrections, 9 vocabulary strategies, 8 listening and speaking strategies plus reading and writing strategies.

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Content Area Literacy Workshop

This professional development shows teachers how to support students in learning from text. The training starts with an analysis of the Literacy Standards for history/social science teachers and the Literacy Standards for teachers of science and technical subjects. The training then addresses developing Academic and Content vocabulary, student learning through domain-specific text, reading complex text, text-based answers, and writing from sources.

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Academic Coach Training

DataWORKS professional development trainings extend beyond helping teachers to developing Academic Coaches that support teachers. The focus of this professional development is on training coaches in the progression and rigor of the standards, how to coach teachers during the teaching of lessons, and how to assist teachers in writing standards-aligned lessons.

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Explicit Direct Instruction Lesson Design Training

Training in writing EDI lessons from existing materials. Put theory into practice!

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Explicit Direct Instruction Classroom Coaching

Teachers receive in-situational coaching while they teach the new EDI lessons they wrote.

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Instructional Leadership, Classroom Observations

Classroom observations followed by debriefing to discuss implications of the observations.

Classroom Coaching

Training and practice to help leaders provide real-time, in-situational coaching to teachers.

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StepUP Academy

Summer school program to accelerate students by teaching next year’s standards during the summer.  Includes EDI training with all lessons and workbooks for each student.

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